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Canada’s Gift, “Black Feelings”


Canada can add another good musical export under their belt well, border, and that’s America and we would be happy to take Black Feelings because all we have right now is Justin Bieber and frankly I am starting to get embarrassed for us. Coming out of their release of their self-titled album, which is available on Alien8, Black Feelings is a critically acclaimed band. I am not talking about your hammered frat buddy recommending the band that he seen at the bar last night, while taking Irish car bombs like they were water, I am talking about real critics…from the BBC. “Their songs rattling and rolling with intent and purpose while also braving tumult and tension, despite their patchwork qualities. They could split, crack, shatter; but underpinning everything is a solid backbone of drums and bass, coupled tightly and directing proceedings with a masterly control reminiscent of the moorings that keep the likes of Black Mountain tethered, for all their interstellar ambition.”

So, in so many words the BBC thinks that this band is really good, and so do a lot of other people because Black Feelings is planning on releasing more stuff. Due spring 2010, the band is releasing a 12″ st-henry crust comp, also this summer they are planning to release 2x singles. As of yet there have not been any tour dates released but there should be some in the works on a count that they are critically acclaimed and all.

By: Aisha Alder

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