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Cats>Dogs, and Cat Power solidifies that.

CATPOWER Cats>Dogs, and Cat Power solidifies that.

The name “Cat Power” calls to mind some sort of enthusiastic, peppy rock band. Not as such. Cat Power is Chan Marshall’s stage name. Her music is soft, mature, and simple. A breathy voice accompanied by the occasional guitar and possibly even some drums, this is the kind of calm, soft music you hear in love scenes in movies or the scenes where the protagonist is wandering around a city with his heart broken. Actually, wait. You may have heard the soothing tunes of Cat Power in one of those type of scenes, since she’s been in a staggering amount of ┬ámovies, TV shows, and commercials for an indie artist.

Visit her myspace here to check out some of her songs (“Sea of Love” is my personal favorite).

By Sophia Chen

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