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School of Seven Bells invites audience into their mystical land

School of Seven Bells

Here is a band that begins the songwriting process with lyrics first and work their melodies afterward. But it does not feel awkward at all. It all rather feels smooth and in unison. That is the beauty of School of Seven Bells. The lyrics are just as ethereal and vague as the melodies and they complement each other beautifully. School of Seven Bells was formed in 2004 by Deheza twin sisters and Benjamin Curtis of The Secret Machines. They came up with this mysterious name while watching the PBS program on South American pickpocket academy. Like their wild imagination, the music is dreamy and otherworldly. Deheza sisters got the beautiful voice that seems to take you into a completely different realm of trance. Curtis’ guitar is gentle and harmonious. It does not make the usual shredding and ripping guitar sound. The sounds wrap around nicely with the voices and do not suppress other parts too much. That is the beauty of this band. Everybody’s part is harmonized and plays in unison. Nothing sticks out in particular but everything beautifully mixes together to create one whole unit. They are planning to release their new album “Disconnect from Desire” on July 13, 2010. And they are also embarking a tour starting June 2nd in Los Angeles. Here are their tour dates:

Upcoming Tour Dates:

@ Echo, Los Angeles CA- Wed, June 02 @ 7:00 PM

@ Mercury Lounge, New York- Wed, June 09 @ 8:00 PM (Sold out)

@ Mercury Lounge, New York- Thu, June 10 @8:00 PM (Sold out)

@ Pardiso, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL- Mon, July 12 @ 4:00 PM

@ Molotow, Molotow, Hamburg, Germany- Tue, July 13 @ 8:00 PM

@ Thekla, Thekla, Bristol, Bristol- Sun, July 18 @ 4:00 PM

@ Ruby Lounge, Ruby Lounge, Manchester, UK- Mon, July 19 @ 4:00 PM

@ Scala, London, UK- Tue, July 20 @ 4:00 PM

@ Splendour in the Glass Festival, Woodford, QLD- Fri, July 30 @ 8:00 PM

If you like the sound of electronic, mysterious rock sound, I would suggest School of Seven Bells. For their sound clips, visit their myspace.


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