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Get Funky With Bonde do Rolê

bonde do role Get Funky With Bonde do Rolê

According to the members of Bonde do Rolê, they didn’t set out to pursue a career in music. In fact, they just started for fun.But their penchant for infusing classic rock riffs with their own brand of Carioca electropop quickly drew a following, and the group was named part of Rolling Stone’s “10 Bands to Watch” in March of 2006 – the same year they completed their first tour with fellow Brazilian musicians Cansei de Ser Sexy. Bonde do Rolê’s debut album “With Lasers” is currently available for download on iTunes, with an as-yet-unnamed album set to release during the summer of 2010.

Give “solta o franga” a listen. You may recognize it from the Nokia commercials, and ten to one it’ll make you want to dance.

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By: A. Valentine

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