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Mahjongg: Free Downloads

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Mahjongg-Tell The Police The Truth

(Open post to download full album)

Mahjongg is a 6 piece that mixes tribal rhythm’s with electronics and retro funk arrangements creating a nice balance between the human and robotic. Their live show is quite a spectacle, they use 2 drum sets, a percussion station, vocoders, and a smoke machine to woo the crowd. Download a track off their newest album “Kontpab” and download their album “Machinegong” in its entirety for free her. Their  new album will be released on July 20th on K Records (get more details from their myspace link below). Also check out their video “Free Groovrider” I believe the melody is inspired from a Cambodian folk tune mixed with  vocoded vox and nice sequenced vintage electronic sounds, check it out.

Mahjongg on myspace
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