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Get Off The Coast Mix: “Eskimo Taco” Download

Eskimo Taco 300x300 Get Off The Coast Mix: Eskimo Taco Download

Our buddy  Jheri over at  GET OFF THE COAST puts out these cool mixes for download click HERE to get “Eskimo Taco”.

( After downloading make sure you unzip the file, otherwise the songs wont play)

Tracklist ::
01 M. Pyres & the Season Creeps – Garage Storm
02 DOM – Crazy Gurl
03 GOBBLE GOBBLE – Wrinklecarver
04 D’EON – Nothing Else I Can Say (Lady GaGa)
05 Fossil Cities – Kim Deal
06 Emily Reo – Above Ground And A Golden Cloud
07 Weed Diamond – Twins
08 Young Prisms – Dreamcatcher Panoramic (Live)
09 Kiss Kiss Fantastic – reLAX
10 Banjo Or Freakout – Slider
11 Cascaders – Don’t Want It
12 matthewdavid – Mountain Magic/Highland Morning
13 GREM – Black Skull

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