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Just as Sweet as a Bunny: Unbunny’s New Album and European Tour

unbunny band 294x300 Just as Sweet as a Bunny: Unbunnys New Album and European Tour

Unbunny, or as he’s known to his friends, Jarid del Deo, just released his fifth full-length album, Moon Food. As always, the album is dark and moody but sprinkled with sarcasm and the biting sense of humor of the Unbunny front man. The songs “Young Men are Easy Prey,” and “Run Like a Girl,” are perfect examples of his dry wit.

Sad and lovely, Unbunny’s Neil Young-esque voice coos through the album that, like all of his musical efforts, is the ideal soundtrack to any break-up. Unbunny practically makes his listener want to be melancholy, because sometimes it’s just a prettier way to be.

Upcoming tour dates:

18 May: Enterprise – London UK

19 May: New Adelphi – Hull UK

21 May: Orange Blossom Fest – Beverungen DE

22 May: Manufaktur – Schorndorf DE

23 May: Südstadt – München DE

24 May: Hedi/Label WG Sommer Sause – Hamburg DE

25 May: Grüner Jäger – Hamburg DE

26 May: Weltruf – Kiel DE

27 May: Deutsches Theater – Berlin DE

28 May: Hafen 2 – Offenbach DE

29 May: Motoki – Köln DE

“Casserole,” from 2004’s Snow Tires:

YouTube Preview Image
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