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German Measles just might be the remedy

German Measles
[wpaudio url="http://sickoftheradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/germanmeasles_pattygirl.mp3-audio-mpeg-Object.mp3" text="German Measles-Patty Girl" dl="0"]
While they don’t necessarily strive to be charming, Brooklyn punk rockers The German Measles will make you want to party with them anyway. They wield a youthful innocence not unlike Ian Curtis in his early days, but similarly to The Ramones in theirs, they’re really not out to impress. Declaring their desire to get “So fucked up, our brains are leaking” on new-ish track “Wild Weekend”, they’re a punk rock party band at a time when the world may need just that. Comprised of Nik Curtin and Serge Pinsky, as well as two former members of the now disbanded Cause Co-Motion!, the quartet was conceived as an experiment slated to last two weeks (and formerly titled Japanese Beetles), and changed their name during an impromptu introduction at a live show. As infectious as the dreaded Rubella itself, The German Measles have reinstated a kind of punk rock all too commonly blanketed by modern and self-aware derivatives that tend to miss the point. Their recent 7″ release, Color Vibrations (out on Wild World Records), is noisy and belligerent. Packed with messy reverb and strung together by the catchiest of hooks, it is everything that Brooklyn punk rock should be: quick, careless and totally sloppy.

By: Carly Lewis

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