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Christmas Island may add Bass Player

christmas island band Christmas Island may add Bass Player
[wpaudio url="http://www.mbvmusic.com/mp3/xmasisland.mp3" text="Christmas Island-Twenty Nine" dl="0"]
Christmas Island… No, they don’t make holiday music, but instead create laid-back surf pop with a garage punk feel. Named after an island in the Pacific where the British dropped bombs in the 50’s and 60’s, Brian Island (electric guitar), Lucy Wehryl (drums), and Craig Oliver (electric guitar, keyboards) make music that on the surface may seem up beat and happy but underneath can be a bit gloomier. They released Blackout Summer in 2009 on In The Red Records and there are rumors that they may be adding a bass player. This just proves this band is on the way up, if you can’t tell it from their sound, which is what I imagine would happen if you just put a little sand down on the floor in the garage before beginning to jam out, creating the perfect blend of beach side bliss and early punk shredding.

By, Jennifer J. Greene

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