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Jeans Wilder, what lies behind ‘See You’

jeanswilder Jeans Wilder, what lies behind See You

Andrew Caddick aka Jeans Wilder makes melodic chillout music with a timeless feel that brings on visions of the music rising from the very ocean it’s self and lazily floating to shore with the aide of his dreamy vocals. The perfect feel good tunes for a careless afternoon stroll.

Listen to the unreleased “Sea You” above;  about which Wilder had to say “I recorded this song in my room, by myself, over the course of a two or three day cocaine and OxyContin binge at the beginning of the year. The drugs put me on a different playing field, everything felt really natural and organic. It was actually a very nice experience.” The song gets an image stuck in your head that you won’t be able to shake as the ethereal vocals exit the speakers and float about the room.

By, Jennifer J. Greene

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