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Evangelista continue to terrify/delight European audiences

Carla Bozulich
Evangelista is the latest brainchild of restless noise-provocateur Carla Bozulich, former member of the ‘90s industrial outfit Ethyl Meatplow, and alt-country group The Geraldine Fibbers. Evangelista’s 2008 album, Hello Voyager, made waves in the UK, landing them a cover story for British muso magazine The Wire. Following the release of 2009’s envelope-pushing LP Prince of Truth, Evangelista are currently disorientating avant-garde rock fans throughout Europe.

Bozulich takes it as her solemn duty to forcibly remove listeners from their comfort zones, taking them by the hand as she sways through threatening wastelands where off kilter guitars hum and click like agitated locusts. All conventional song structure goes out the window – in through the door come a one-armed cellist and a troupe of pigs that snuffle up against a wall of groaning feedback and erratic timpani hits. Lyrically, Bozulich delights to confuse (‘I’m the enemy, understand? Please lets drink a toast to Sydney, she was a surly rascal’), and her creaking, beautiful voice – lurching from spoken word confessionals to guttural catharsis – occupies a space somewhere between morbid swagger and emotional collapse. Occasionally Evangelista transform into what resembles a conventional rock band. On ‘Truth is Dark Like Outer Space’ (which, admittedly, fades in with 45 seconds of hypnotic feedback) we are treated to two minutes of exhilarating stoner rock. The emotional reaction to Bozulich’s gothic paintings can be compared to getting a hit of Scott Walker’s The Drift. Highs of destructive awe are shot through with a stomach-turning undercurrent of harrowed, frantic desperation. Make no mistake, toe-tapping moments here are few and far between: Evangelista are making ‘art’. Terrifyingly wonderful art at that.

Evangelista’s latest album, Prince of Truth, is out now on Constellation Records. Evangelista are touring Europe now- check out their tour dates below!


CARLA BOZULICH (US) w/ Francesco Guerri

24.04.2010 Dijon (FR), Why Note Festival
27.04.2010 Zagreb (HR), Zedno Uho Festival
30.04.2010 Brighton (UK), Freebutt
01.05.2010 Newcastle (UK), The Culture Lab
02.05.2010 Hull (UK), Adelphi
03.05.2010 London (UK), Cafe Oto
08.05.2010 Umea (SE), MADE Festival

07.05.2010 Krems (AT), Donaufestival
10.05.2010 Copenhagen (DK), Loppen
11.05.2010 Oslo (NO), Cafe Mono
12.05.2010 Bergen (NO), Landmark
14.05.2010 Goeteborg (SE), Koloni @ Kulturhamnen
15.05.2010 Rostock (DE), JAZ
17.05.2010 Berlin (DE), Hebbel am Ufer 2
19.05.2010 Groningen (NL), Vera
20.05.2010 Krefeld (DE), Kulturrampe
21.05.2010 Brussels (BE), Maison des Musiques
22.05.2010 Bielefeld (DE), Bunker Ulmenwall

By, Richard Greenan.

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