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Teengirl Fantasy works on Upcoming Album.

02 teengirl fantasy Teengirl Fantasy works on Upcoming Album.

College students Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss are finishing up degrees at Oberlin University in Ohio, but when they aren’t they are playing warehouse shows or working on their soon to be released album for their band, Teengirl Fantasy. They make chill, laid-back lo-fi electronic music with a beat that will captivate your mind and pull you into their world. Though their name isn’t descriptive of the music and seems to be a bit of a mystery this is what Nick Weiss had to say about it, “Originally, the name was supposed to be like a boy band’s name. But now we’re stuck with it until we’re at least 40 or it becomes creepy. I mean, Logan’s into older women, and I’m not into women at all, so it doesn’t really apply.”

By, Jennifer J Greene

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