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Kept On Their Mean Side- The Kills

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The Kills

Despite what people may say about The Kills and their similarities to The White Stripes, I believe that their music and their style have clearly gone opposite direction than the Detroit rock duo. The Kills’ bluesy, raw, sexy sound wrapped with Alison Mosshart’s wailing yet powerful voice clearly stands apart from The White Stripes’ innocent, child-like concept. In the song Pull A U, from their 2003 debut album Keep on Your Mean Side, The Kills presents us with a steady but heavy simple beat from a drum machine. Strangely enough, after a while, we find ourselves slowly but continuously drifting into the music further and further on because of this beat. On top of that, Jamie Hince’s sharp, but dirty sounding riff plays over and over again and we cannot help ourselves but to head bang to this dark, mysterious piece. There’s no room for a live drummer in this band. The stage is set for Hotel and VV. Jamie’s hypnotic guitar riff and Alison’s sexy voice joining in harmony gives the best performance ever to the audience hungry for something real. I know it woke me from the deepest slumbers of my musical swamp. Towards the end of your day, you might find yourself humming to this addictive tune, singing about black magic and your two dollar love. This single is definitely worth a trip to the record store. For their upcoming tours and news, visit their website.

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By Suzy Sim

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