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LAZERCRYSTAL Releases Full length debut Album ‘MCMLXXX’

lazercrrystal2 LAZERCRYSTAL Releases Full length debut Album MCMLXXX

LAZERCRYSTAL, the synth infused electro-rock trio from Chicago is making robotic dance tunes with ease, just for your listening pleasure. Made up of Mikale De Graff, Nicholas Read, and Josh Johannpeter, the group released their first single, “Hot Pink BMX” in 2008.   They moved to Thrill Jockey Records and released their full length debut MCMLXXX which dropped April 27, 2010.  They’ve mashed together industrial sounds, post-punk, synth-pop, and techno together in the proper proportions, leaving you with an indescribable feeling that gives you only one urge, DANCE!


By, Jennifer J. Greene

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