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Dinosaur Feathers: Fantasy Memorial

DINOSAUR FEATHER FANTASY MEMORIAL Dinosaur Feathers: Fantasy Memorial

Summer demands adequate beach time, frou-frou umbrella drinks, and an ideal soundtrack…perhaps, something with a 1950’s surf-rock twinge. Brooklyn’s Dinosaur Feathers is just the fix for your loungy, hot days ahead.

In March, the band released their first full-length Fantasy Memorial, and it’s a vacation to the ears. With a rare combination of tropical sounds (including some birds tweeting here and there) and poppy acoustics, Dinosaur Feather’s Fantasy Memorial is so good, it hurts.

Layered harmonies of the three band members twist and turn through the album, and nowhere is the succulence of their voices more endearing than in “Teenage Whore.” Who ever thought teenage prostitution could be so sweet sounding? “Vendela Vida” is a low-fi, sultry song that you’d expect to hear on a Sunday afternoon at some packed sweaty Brazilian café…and the contrast of these two songs back to back on the album is a perfect example of the vast dimensions of Dinosaur Feathers. Each song is, and not to be trite, but fun…and fun with a capital F.

If you live in the New York City area, you’ll have a bunch of chances to see Dinosaur Feathers live this summer, but if you don’t…well, you have to let this quell your thirst for now.


May 6 2010     8:00  Silent Barn w/ Power Animal     Ridgewood, New York
May 8 2010     8:00 Fort Useless w/ Saadi and Mancino     Brooklyn, New York
May 13 2010     8:00 Bell House w/ Two Door Cinema Club and MillionYoung     Brooklyn, New York
May 15 2010     8:00 NYCTaper 3rd Anniversary Show @ Piano’s w/ Arpline, Uninhabitable Mansions and Natureboy     New York, New York
May 22 2010     8:00 Bar 4 w/ Matt Singer     Brooklyn, New York
May 30 2010     1:00 SASQUATCH!     The Gorge, Washington
Jun 3 2010     8:00 Death By Audio w/ Armchairs, Lonnie Walker, Grandchildren     Brooklyn
Jul 22 2010     6:00 Pier 54 w/ the Antlers     New York, New York

By, Amanda Chatel

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