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INTERVIEW: Theoretical Girl

theoretical girl1 INTERVIEW: Theoretical Girl
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Meet London’s Amy Turnnidge, also known as the solo electro-folk act, Theoretical Girl.  We had the opportunity to chat with Miss Amy about her sophomore album, musical influences, a possible upcoming movie opportunity, and her hopes to someday share a stage with Brian Eno .  Watch out for her upcoming limited edition vinyl release, which will feature embroidered lyrics and cut out Theoretical Girl dolls!

SICK OF THE RADIO:  Your sophomore album is on it’s way… What is different about your
second album versus your first album, Divided?

THEORETICAL GIRL: The first album was very much a conscious effort to write structured simple straight-to-the-point songs. Album number two will be a little more complex. Other than that, I’m trying not to think about it too much and just seeing what comes! So far, the tracks are a little darker than the previous album.  I am also thinking about using more electronic elements; at times there is a more orchestral feel to the songs.

SICK OF THE RADIO: You are a multi-instrumentalist who typically plays live shows either
solo or with your backup band, The Equations.  Are there any plans of The Equations,  recording with you on your second album?

THEORETICAL GIRL: I’m a bit of a control freak in the studio and I like to do as much as I can by myself! I do however want to use lots of different voices so that I can create a different dynamic to the first album. I really like the sound of a male and female voice singing in unison, particularly if the man has a rich deep voice, like Nancy and Lee.

SICK OF THE RADIO: What are some of your musical influences?

THEORETICAL GIRL: I have so many and they are all so different! Nick Drake, Neil Young and Big Star for their simplicity and honesty. The Stranglers, Fad Gadget and Talking Heads for their ability to write danceable catchy songs that are also profound and dark. Some classical music, particularly Baroque music, for it’s layering and complexities. And Bjork, just because she’s Bjork!

What bands do you like in London’s music scene?

THEORETICAL GIRL: I haven’t been out to see a band in a very long time! It’s not really what I like to do when I’m trying to take time out to write. I find that I end up worrying about what other people are doing too much. The last band I saw was a great band called Jonquil but they are not from the London music scene.  A band called Horse & Condor are also an interesting band people should check out if they can.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Any plans of touring in the USA in 2010?

THEORETICAL GIRL: No plans as yet, although I’d dearly love to tour America. I may be over there to film a small part in a movie, so maybe I can fit a show or two in somewhere… Fingers crossed.

SICK OF THE RADIO: How would you describe playing at Austin, Texas‘s, SXSW in 2009.

THEORETICAL GIRL: I think it was my favourite gig ever!  The experience of being so far from home and so out of my comfort zone but being greeted so warmly by the crowd, not too mention the whole atmosphere of the city at that time- It was sensory overload! Music was pouring out of every venue. I really hope to get back there again one day. It was also amazing to meet the people from all over the world who had congregated there. I met some lovely girls from Japan!

If you could share the stage with a band you have never performed
with, who would it be?

I’d love to work with Brian Eno! Although I’d probably be too nervous to get a note out!

SICK OF THE RADIO: Any exciting unreleased news for Theoretical Girl?

THEORETICAL GIRL: My debut album is being released as a very limited vinyl release (250 copies) very soon. It’s going to have lots of fun collectable extras like embroidered lyrics and cut out dress up paper Theoretical Girl dolls! As an avid vinyl collector, it’s a dream come true!

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