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Project: R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album

r stevie moore Project: R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album

Sick Of The Radio has teamed up with R. Stevie Moore to release a collection of exclusive  tribute albums. We are calling all musicians to record your favorite R. Stevie Moore song and submit it our way. From there, Mr. R. Stevie Moore himself, will arrange the tracks for each volume that is released. The albums will be available for free download  from Sick Of The Radio.

If you don’t already Know of R. Stevie Moore here’s a bit of info on him:  He has been making  home made rock ‘n’ roll music since 1966,  has released over 400 albums, and is considered by some to be the father of DIY ‘bedroom’ music.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR SONG THROUGH OUR SOUNDCLOUD DROP BOX BY CLICKING HERE. (Note: Please make sure the songs are in mp3 format, and that you name the files correctly with the song title first and then your band name separated by a dash)

UPDATE: We originally set a deadline of August 31, 2010; however, by R. Stevie Moore’s request, we have scratched the deadline and switched it August 1, 2010.   We will be releasing multiple volumes.  Bands, please continue to send us your songs.  For additional details regarding these changes, CLICK HERE!

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