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ART: Liz Craft

liz craft2 ART: Liz Craft

These  sculpture’s consist of a plaster, jumbo yarn and “easy loom’s” (that square plastic grid that is used to knit images on). Some of  Liz Craft’s work looks like  failed attempts to knit a clown’s face, but luckly it comes out looking way cooler. There is some nostalga within her work as well as weirdness. I guess you could call her art a craft-disaster in the eyes of millions of old craft ladies arround the world, but it is interesting to see how Liz has utilized these materials in her own creative way.  The Photos you are viewing are from her recent exhibition “Death of a Clown” that just finished up at Patrick Painter where she examined the culture of Etsy within a gallery setting.

liz craft 3 ART: Liz Craft

liz craft 2 ART: Liz Craft

liz craft 1 ART: Liz Craft

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