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Katapulto: 12 Track Download

katapulto Katapulto: 12 Track Download

Katapulto- Summer Games

Poland’s Katapulto makes crazy upbeat spastic pop music. The array of sounds blends together so wonderfully, and unlike alot of electronic music Katapulto steers clear of redundant repetitions. His songs are very colorful with references to early 90′s dance music, 80′s hip hop and tropical cabana sounds. Katapulto has been said to be polands answer to Senor Coconut and Yello’s Boris Blank. I could see this guy making the music for Pee-Wee’s playhouse, if that show still existed. He also does an cool warped version of Phil Collin’s “Another day in Paradise” download it here along with a bunch of other tracks from Katapulto.

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