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FASHION: ModCloth dress

minkpinkdress FASHION: ModCloth dress

ModCloth, an online boutique, is the place to go for vintage and indie fashion finds.   The business was founded in 2002 by highschool sweethearts, Eric and Susan Koger.  This afternoon, I pressed a few keys on the keypad and found my way down to the virtual boutique.  The Tickle My Fancy Dress particularly stuck out at me… but after scrolling my mouse just a hair, I encountered the Tiffani Dress (pictured above), both finds made by designer “Mink”.  Before I knew it, I wanted everything from ModCloth.  So, I say no more.  Sure, I’ll give you a sneak peak of a few of my personal favs… but seriously, if you dig indie vintage fashion, make your way down and see it first hand.

the sheer thought of this dress FASHION: ModCloth dress

“The Sheer Thought of This Dress”

colour guard dress FASHION: ModCloth dress

Colour Guard Dress

ticklemyfancydress FASHION: ModCloth dress

Tickle My Fancy Dress

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