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Retro: Axemen ‘”Live” Album Download

Axemen Retro: Axemen Live Album Download

The Axemen-Nutsack

(Open post to download full Album)

Axemen began in 1981 in New Zealand and were on the label Flying Nuns with bands like the Straitjacket Fits.  Axemen made cheap home recordings with a weird basement sound dabbling in a less social Velvet Underground vibe. Axemen have been described as sounding like Royal Trux way ahead of their time. They have released songs that have been inspired by Psychic TV, and Grandmaster Flash, they even did an Elton John cover album. They dont get over to America much, but in last December they were on tour with Times New Viking and were able to play a live set at WFMU. Listen and download it here.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Axemen’s My Space page

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