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Fleet Foxes Working On Sophomore Album, Due This Year

fleet foxes 1 Fleet Foxes Working On Sophomore Album, Due This Year

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Seattle-based band, Fleet Foxes plan to release their second album, “Definitely” sometime in 2010.  Their 2008 self-titled full-length debut has propelled them to indie rock stardom and garnered them numerous comparisons to The Beach Boys, Animal Collective, and Crosby, Stills & Nash. While it is easy to how these comparisons arose, it somehow seems inadequate to describe Fleet Foxes in this way. Yes, their music features gorgeous vocal harmonies like The Beach Boys. Yes, the occasional moments of eccentricity and dreamlike reverb are a bit reminiscent of Animal Collective. And yes, Fleet Foxes does have a distinctively folksy rural aesthetic, so perhaps a Crosby, Stills & Nash comparison is apt. But despite the accuracy of the comparisons, they fail to highlight the true appeal of Fleet Foxes, which is the fact that in a sometimes homogenous contemporary music world, Fleet Foxes does not sound like anything else you’ve heard before. Fleet Foxes draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, but manages to synthesize all these elements to create a completely unique sound. Listening to Fleet Foxes LP is like waking up on a clear day in a snow-covered field in the middle of some mountain forest. Beautiful, and a little bit surreal. Even the song names are evocative of this winter-in-the-Appalachians imagery, with titles like “Ragged Wood” and “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song.” And if you look past the melodies and harmonies of the songs, there is another layer of beautiful and evocative imagery in the poetic (and occasionally enigmatic) lyrics. Listening to Fleet Foxes is an amazing experience on all levels, so it’s no wonder that they’ve received so much critical acclaim. Fleet Foxes is signed to the Sub Pop and Bella Union record labels, and they have played at major venues and festivals, including SXSW 2008 in Texas and Sasquatch! 2008 in Washington.

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