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Santigold gets Stiffed

Before Santigold, formerly Santogold, was topping the charts and topping mountains with the likes of Kenna, she was busy stiffing hundreds of people a night. We all know her now for her wonderfully abstract vocals and beats but others know Santigold, aka Santi White, from her four-piece Brooklyn post-punk band Stiffed. This band was so well liked that she actually had to go onto the band’s Myspace page and leave a message saying, “It occurred to me that many of you are still unaware of the fact that Stiffed broke up. Hence, no more Stiffed shows. I apologize again for not keeping up the page, there’s no excuse for that really other than lack of time”.

Stiffed had anything but humble beginnings.  In 2005 they had been drawing attention from industry heavy hitters, with their debut album, Burned Again, having been produced by Darryl Jennifer of Bad Brains. You can still check out the ironic, twisted video that Stiffed had put out for “A Day with Andrew”; this is a song that will make you instantly tap your foot to the beat when the bass kicks in, but would you expect anything less? Other songs from the band are still available on their Myspace page. Alas, the only thing that we have now are the horribly addictive tracks that Santigold has been putting out since 2008, I know this is tough but we can get though it.

By, Aisha Curtis

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