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YACHT, On Tour now w/ LCD Soundsystem

YACHT triangles YACHT, On Tour now w/ LCD Soundsystem

[wpaudio url="http://sickoftheradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/YACHT-Psychic-City.mp3" text="Yacht: Psychic City" dl="0"]

Transmissions from the triangular tip– Portland-based duo YACHT are here to educate and elucidate, sublimate into a higher state. ‘YACHT is all about group consciousness. YACHT is all about the individual man or woman.’

YACHT is about the Triangle, which is not only a collection of three points, but also a shape.

‘YACHT is not a cult.’

YACHT is superficially an electronic music duo. YACHT is superficially an ‘indie rock band.’ YACHT ‘plays music.’ But YACHT is a ‘Band, Belief System and Business,’ three points on the Triangle.

YACHT has 7 releases. YACHT’s newest is ‘See Mystery Lights,’ out 2009 on DFA. YACHT is on tour.

Anyone is free to join YACHT.


By, Mariana Lynch

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