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ART: Aaron Johnson

halloween 2 565x753 ART: Aaron Johnson

Here is the source photo which Aaron worked from below.
halloween source 565x753 ART: Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson grew up in a house full of Indian art, generations his
family members were christian missionaries in India who would bring
back Indian art. You can definantly see the influence in his work.
It is intersting to know that Aaron had also recieved a degree in
molecular and Cellular Biology before he decided to be a visual artist.
He now works from his studio in Brooklyn, where he is getting ready
for an upcoming 2 person show with artist Barnaby Whitfeld titled “Dont be
scared Your’re Supposed to Be” which will open May 1st in Washington
DC at Irvine Contemporary.

madonna in progress 565x423 ART: Aaron Johnson

maddona in progess behind 565x423 ART: Aaron Johnson

Here’s the same painting from behind. Aaron uses a  technique he calls, “Reverse Painted Acrylic Polymer Peel Paintings”.  Using acrylic paint on clear plastic he creates a painting backwards.  This allows him to create cool effects that would be impossible if painted normally.

Aaron Johnson’s website

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