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Teeth Mountain On Judge Judy

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Teeth Mountain Members were recently on Judge Judy regarding a drunk accident involving a TV and a cat.  Jonathan Coward, AKA Shams threw 2  TVs around at a party, and one of them landed on Kate Levitt’s cat and killed it.  Kate is in the experimental tribal band, Teeth Mountain, based out of Baltimore. Witnesses From both sides give their testimony.  Sham’s witness, his ex-boyfriend Narwhalz, claims his “man” wasn’t at fault and called Judge Judy “mama” instead of ma’am.  They claim that Kate neglected the cat and never fed it, and that is why it died… But who knows, Sham has been know to fuck around and light dead birds on fire on stage when he has performed in the past.

Download a bunch of Teeth Mountain songs here.

Teeth Mountain tour dates here.

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