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Retro: Bomis Prendin (2 Free Albums)

Untitled 11 Retro: Bomis Prendin (2 Free Albums)
(open post to download both albums)
Formed in 1978, five post-adolescent artists from Washington DC got together to create Bomis Prendin. Within a few weeks they were experimenting with noise in a living room full of amps, circuit bent toys, various analog effects, an old organ and some guitars. Listening to their music is like digging thru a ton of shit,  and then being rewarded by finding a gold nugget.
Some of the noise may be hard on the ears at times, but if you listen you will be rewarded with interesting compositions that flow thru the chaos and turn into wonderfully arranged songs. Their album “Test” was recorded on cheap cassette decks, and they had to take the tape to a recording studio to improve the quality and remove some of the hissing. The opening track on”Test” is the most structured attempt at a pop song, the rest of the album is weird noise experiments mixed with a bit of structure and patterns here and there. Their album “Phantom Limb” has a darker more industrial sound with alot of experimenting with early electronics, somewhat in the vein of  Early Suicide. Download both albums here.
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