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Love Is All’s 3rd Album Reviewed: Two Thousand and Ten Injuries

loveisallll 890x890 Love Is Alls 3rd Album Reviewed: Two Thousand and Ten Injuries

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One part sicky-sweet pink frosting (the kind that’s painful on the teeth), and one part fingernails on a chalkboard…this is Love is All, and it’s wonderful. Cloyingly perfect, these are the sounds you want in a soundtrack first thing in the morning to help you get yourself out of bed.

With their third full-length, Two Thousand and Ten Injuries, Sweden’s Love is All makes the jump from What’s Your Rupture, to the more notable Polyvinyl Record Co…immediately lumping them in with such diverse bands like Japandroids, Of Montreal and Architecture in Helsinki.

On this new album lead singer, Josephine Olausson, falls somewhere between the punk vocals of Kathleen Hanna from her Bikini Kill days, and a demure, girlish Bjork from her reign as The Sugarcube’s lead lass.

Similarly to their earlier releases, Love is All lashes out with the first song of the album “Bigger Bolder,” embracing their garage rock/post-punk sound; each song that follows is equally upbeat and playful. However, all that is taken down a wee bit with “A Side in a Bed,” a song that not only shows a maturity of sound, but also bleeds of sweet and heartfelt lyrics: “I want my hands to be held/I want someone to put under my spell…I want a place in somebody’s head.” The album wraps up with “Take Your Time,” a whispering plea that is reminiscent of a gorgeous modern day version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major (that oh-so popular wedding song)…and a pretty way to end after such a high-energy workout on the ears.

Love is All is currently making the rounds in the States with shows in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles respectively, this weekend.

By, Amanda Chatel

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