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Clues Review Addendum- Watch the Video

Perhaps more entertaining than their infectious music, the Clues video for “You Have My Eyes Now” sets a new bar in music/video synergy.

The video is instantly noteworthy for its main (and nearly only) character, played by Tim Heidecker from TV’s ‘Tim and Eric’ fame.  Heidecker fills the breaks between progressions of the song with a fury of facial twitches and hilariously hapless mustachioed miens that supply the song with a rich and surprising narrative.  A great deal of credit goes to the video’s director Matt Wells who conceptualized and successfully executed the ever unfolding vision in a single shot.  As the song progresses the storyline is dictated by the cameras frame as it continually zooms out to expose more and more of the scene.  It’s a sort of narrative deconstruction in that instead of telling a story by presenting a series of events that result in a climax, Wells starts with the climax before revealing the series of supporting causes.  The result is a well conceived examination of perspective.

If nothing else, watch it to see Tim Heidecker fondle a mannequin; but you won’t be disappointed.

Article by, Kyle Kralowetz

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