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ART: Sterling Ruby’s “2TRAPS” Evil Bus and Cage

ruby ART: Sterling Ruby’s 2TRAPS Evil Bus and Cage

4450053419 b2c7fef12d ART: Sterling Ruby’s 2TRAPS Evil Bus and Cage

These two “sculptures” entitled “2TRAPS” by the artist Sterling Ruby  just showed this last March at PaceWildenstein. The stationary cage is titled “Pig Pen” which is constructed of gates and metal bars  kind of like the ones you might see guarding a home in the ghetto. The spray painted bus is simply titled “Bus” retrofitted with massive speakers and sub woofers inside, maybe to torture the prisoners with sound, or broadcast evil propaganda. “2TRAPS” is frightening to say the least with its apocalyptic end-game aesthetic. This is one evil bus I would not like to catch.

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