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Explode into Colors- 2 Free downloads

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Explode Into Colors – Sharpen The Knife

(Open post to download both tracks)

“Including members of Kickball and Tender Forever and a former member of Hornet Leg and Japanther, the female trio of Claudia Meza, Heather Treadway, and Lisa Schonberg create some hypnotic freak funk as Explode Into Colors. Besides creating gritty dance-punk tracks that sound like the late-night love child of Fela Kuti and ESG, these ladies have a whole slew of other stuff going on. Heather designs clothes for her Paperdoll Fashion line, Lisa pens instructional drum books, and Claudia composes avant-garde cello pieces (a forthcoming collaboration with Derek M. Johnson on Aphonia Recordings). “(-via Tommy E. at WFMU’s Beware of the Blog)

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