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Could NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB be Your Subconscious Favorite?!?

New+Young+Pony+Club Could NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB be Your Subconscious Favorite?!?

[wpaudio url="http://fakepennycomics.com/blog/NYPC_Chaos.mp3" text="New Young Pony Club: Chaos" dl="0"]

New Young Pony Club is an electro-pop band that will make you dance. Ever since forming in 2004 this London based band has been setting the dance floors on fire with their infectiously catchy hits like “Ice Cream”.  New Young Pony club could be your new favorite band and you wouldn’t even know it yet, because many of their songs have been used on commercials, and because of this, chances are you have been singing “The Bomb” for the last three days.  Now they are back with their sophomore album “The Optimist”, this album will not disappoint NYPC fans. For those of us who can not walk into the nearest post-punk revival music store and pick up a copy of the album there is hope yet, the album is now available for digital download everywhere.  Even though the album is available for download all over the world, unfortunately the band will not be, but if you live in Europe then you will be able to catch the band on tour until July.

By, Aisha Alder

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