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Art: Jeremiah Maddock

wereHere 300x199 Art: Jeremiah Maddock

Keeping his options open artist, Jeremiah Maddock uses any medium he can get his hands on from rust, to old dried up pens and markers, to acrylic, oil, ink and much more. Though he is now doing solo work, using a heavy themes of obscurity based in realities and millions of little symbols he at one point worked with Dave Schubert layering his works atop photographs. His works reveal close up great detail and a variety of inturpretations once you step back. With under 17 years of artwork under his belt one would imagine he’d have some online website or portfolio set up but, like his art work, he prefers to allow things to progress at their own natural flow than seek out shows. His art showcase distinctive, new views on the personal daily grind.

Article by, Jennifer Greene

JeremiahMaddock 300x249 Art: Jeremiah Maddock

6a00d834cad15053ef00e54fb41d418833 800wi 233x300 Art: Jeremiah Maddock

6a00d834cad15053ef00e54fc6ea668834 800wi 242x300 Art: Jeremiah Maddock

ReallyBed 214x300 Art: Jeremiah Maddock

over you 236x300 Art: Jeremiah Maddock

myshiponyourwater 300x210 Art: Jeremiah Maddock

JM Draw 38 thumb 300x230 Art: Jeremiah Maddock

jm bombfroilcatnek 2 300x218 Art: Jeremiah Maddock

JM 53 thumb 300x234 Art: Jeremiah Maddock

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