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25 Free album downloads

I picked thru Bandcamp.com and found these cool albums. Bandcamp is cool and all but there are no search options, there isn’t even a search box. Its a bummer because it is like a needle in a haystack if you are looking for a particular band. Stay tuned we will be bringing you more free music in the future. They are in no particular order.

Air Rifle-loaf eye

Air Rifle: loaf eye

1882823438 11 25 Free album downloads

Air rifle Is weird lo-fi music with lots of vintage casio sounds and drugged out vox, you can download a song from each of their 3 albums which I recommend that you check out also. You can view their discography located on the right side of their artist page. Download and listen to album’s

The New Cow: Airgun world

the new cow 25 Free album downloads

Sadly you are only able to download one of this guys songs, but it’s worth it. You would never guess that this song came out in 1995. It is kind of strange that I came across a band named “Air rifle” and then and ablum titled “Air gun world.” This album was released in 1995 and I think it is from Europe somewhere’s. Download track

The Myonics: O Africa, Brave Africa!

the myonics 25 Free album downloads

This album is definantly worth checking out,  listen to the album that shocked even the most radical of radicals. Co-produced by Nick Weiss (Teengirl Fantasy), and mastered by Kramer (Bongwater, Butthole Surfers, Galaxie 500, etc.) Listen and Download album

Rainbow Arabia: Kabukimono

Rainbow Arabia1 25 Free album downloads

Let’s visit Rainbow Arabia’s daydream. Drink from a coconut on a sandy Caribbean beach before diving into emerald waters. Emerge pruny from the swim and the shore has transformed into a tangle of mangroves in Central Africa. Manatees float along calm rivers while mona monkeys swing from tangled branches. Suddenly the lagoon dries up, replaced by wind-blown Middle Eastern desert. Rainbows drape the sky, but there’s not a drop of water to be felt. And in 25.4 minutes, Kabukimono ends.
—Daiana Feuer (la record) listen to album

Connan mockasin: It’s Choade my dear

connan mockasin 25 Free album downloads

This was one of my favorite discoveries from searching bandcamp. The music has a chill sound with a weird warped feel to it. The vocals make this music so great, just listen you will see what I mean. Connan Mockasins debut album ‘Please Turn Me Into The Snat’ will be released in New Zealand on 22/02/2010. (International release date to be announced shortly!). For a limited time only, download the new single ‘It’s Choade My Dear’ now for free. Enjoy. Download and listen to track

No Joy: no joy

no joy 25 Free album downloads

This album has a rich shoegaze quality with sweet vocals just like honey. Download and listen to album

Jang: Actual life is advanced larping

jang31 25 Free album downloads

Jang is from another land, his music could be described as experimental electronic  progressive weirdness.  “Actual life is advanced larping” is his newest album that is not yet released, he gives us one song to download. The following albums are full downloads I recommend you take advantage of. Download all three albums

Jang: Will-o-the-Wisp

jang21 25 Free album downloads

Jang: I tripped and fell on deaf ears

jang1 25 Free album downloads

Hi-Speed Dubbing: Songs about girls in a post apocalyptic future

hi speed dubbing 25 Free album downloads

This band sounds like the group Suicide with thier angry vocals and vintage drum machines and distorted reverby sounds.  The songs have a drunken feel to them that is nice and raw. Download album

Spider Virus: Blue room 8-track recordings

spider virus 25 Free album downloads

Smoke, drink, record, repeat. This was the M.O. for S.V. for the six years that the band inhabited the Blue Room at 28th and Charlotte. These songs have a wonderful analog quality because they were recorded top tape on an 8-track. This music reminds me of bowie circa 1973, wonderfully crafted melodies with unique vocals. This album features 37 songs for free download. Download now

Smartech: The Linn Effect

smartech 25 Free album downloads

If you like the sound of early 80′s electronic instruments like Linn drum machines you will love these albums. Having an 80′s party?? These albums are the pefect soundrack for you and your friends to get down to in your moonboots and muti colored sweat bands. All  these songs were created  by production music libraries used in radio and television programming from the early 1980s. Download albums

Sewn Robe: Music you can eat

sewn robe 25 Free album downloads

Download album Alot of variety on this album, the music is composed of vintage casio beats, slightly out of tune guitars, bass and wierd ambiant sounds mixed with  innocent teenie bop vocals, give it a listen I bet it will grow on you.

Psedolux: City fighter Jacky in poke world

pselodux 25 Free album downloads

This stuff reminds me of some really wierd mid 90′s arcade music. Download album

Pompei collective: Gameboy music

pompei 25 Free album downloads

This is for the people who like gameboy music. Download album


oneiros 25 Free album downloads

This is some really good spacy chill out music, the vocals remind me a bit of neil young.  Download album

Magic man: Real life color

magic man 25 Free album downloads

Nice pyschedlic melodies a bit reminicant of animal collective, or maybe just a rip off, you be the judge. The songs were written at several different locations in France, including a chateau, a farm, a circus festival, and a beach cottage and brought back home to the states for further recording and editing (most of which was done in small dorm rooms and transmitted between band members with the aid of the world wide web).Download album

Lasco Stroud and the valley of bowser

lasco stroud 25 Free album downloads

Nice tamborine shakin,raw vocals and reverby guitars make this music sound of edgy folk pych rock. Download now

The Huh?: The Prefab Messiahs

329697962 1 25 Free album downloads

60′s inspired pych rock, with a silly edge. Download album

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