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Fashion: 3D Glasses becoming a “trend”?

3d glasses dress 255x300 Fashion: 3D Glasses becoming a “trend”?Seems with loads of new 3D movies hitting box offices like “Alice in Wonderland”, “Avatar”, and even a new “Beauty and the Beast” to be released in 2011, people are feeling rather inclined to wear their 3D glasses out and about for the first time. Though this clearly isn’t the sexiest trend nor will it probably last any longer than it did in it’s golden era from 1952- 1955, 3D inspired fashion is causing quite a stir these days, from 3D screen printed tees to dresses inspired by the glasses themselves (see picture below) and of course the inevitable popularity of the 70’s stash that is sure to follow.  So next time you go check out a 3D flick and slide on those specs feel confident that you don’t look as silly as you may feel, you’re actually being rather trendy, and if you feel that the glasses are getting lonely, give them a great patch of facial hair to keep away the blues.

By, Jennifer Greene

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