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Interview: The Whines

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The Whines are a three piece from Portland who blend nostalgic 60′s rock’n'roll, grunge and classic country amongst other influences. Look for their newest release “Hell to pay” on Exiled Records. I talk to Karianne from The Whines and ask her about Portland and her influences in the interview below.


s.o.t.r.- Can you name some of your musical influences?

T.W.-That’s kind of always changing, you know, you find something new and listen to it, dig it, end up knowing it inside and out, then you move on. There are things that you always come back to like a familiar friend or place, though and i think that’s what you’re asking, “What music do you come back to, do you feed on like placenta or mothers’ milk?” Old country music is an easy one, all the good stuff. Lefty Frizzell seems to get on with all three of us real well. Conway Twitty. Gram Parsons. Goerge Jones, Mel Tillis, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton. Dylan, Neil, the old masters are easy. You know, it’s hard to really peg all your influenzas because you’re effected by everything around you, the pop songs of the supermarket, the praise and worship from the church accross the street, the woofers rattling fenders loose on every crosswalk in the street. We were all raised in the midwest, though, and country music is a special place where we can all agree. Oh, yeah, and George Strait, we’re some fanatics!

s.o.t.r.-Tell us about your new album “Hell to play” has it been released yet?

T.W.- It’ll be out and about any moment now. The songs on Hell to Play were recorded by six different sets of ears in four different settings and I think that definitely shows. As an entirety it’s kind of a fragmented dreamscape in a setting of day to day life. There are the tracks that we recorded “live” and then only dubbed the vocals, then there are the tracks that were done in piecemeal with the acoustic and electric dynamic. I think Bob, our drummer, put it best when he said it’s got kind of a “mixed tape feel” about it.

s.o.t.r.- What are you listening to right now?

T.W.- At the moment, as I answer these questions, “Meat Puppets 2″, and Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. Over the winter it was alot of Pink Reason. their “Cleaning the Mirror” is really something.

s.o.t.r.-What groups do you like in portland?

T.W.-We have alot of friends in bands out here which makes it great, you know, for that genuine feeling of community. Eat Skull, of course, those guys have helped us out in ways innumerable. Little Claw, Meth Teeth, Mean Jeans, Nucular Aminals, Ribcages, Caregiver, Sistafist is amazing! Those gals is golden! There are so many people to try and remember, I’m gonna end up digging a big hole for myself. Organized Sports, Crypt of the Grave, Two of us, Bob and Jesse, are in a new band called “The Burning Yellows“, so them, um, it’s hard cause bands are always breaking up or realigning and assuming new names. Mosquito Bandito played a raucous show a coupla nights ago. Pure Country Gold, those guys are always alot of fun.

s.o.t.r.- I want one of those 50 test pressings, do you have anymore left, are they only available on
your tour, where can people buy it?

T.W.-We sold the lot of the test pressings when we went to California. We played some really fun dates with our amazing hostesses and hosts from DADFAG and CCR Headcleaner, two great groups. We also played with The Baths which we enjoyed immesely. “Hell to Play” will be available through Exiled Records for certain. The owners, Scott and Lindsey, are the same owner/operators of the Meds label of which we are the fifth release. They have been truly great to us. So, Exiled for sure, um probably most of the record stores around town. We’ll also be sure to post some sort of blog or update on our myspace as to details of distribution.

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The Whines on myspace

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