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Sew Expression

SICK OF THE RADIO1 246x300 Sew Expression

Self expression is a morphing animal. We choose to express ourselves in a variety of outlets, all of which are constantly evolving. Our clothes, our music, our tattoos, our movies, even our diets are all choices that articulate something about ourselves, whether we know it or not. One of the more obvious channels of self expression is fashion. From simple accessories like a strand of pearls, to the popular t-shirts proclaiming bold opinions, statements are made via what we choose to wear. Yet, I challenge the average consumer. Instead of choosing to buy what expresses your self, why not create it? Is that not the ultimate form of expression? Made from ones owns hands? Go into your closet, under your bed, into your attic. Pull out the old sweaters, shirts, jeans. Paint, stitch, sew and glue your own touch into them. Cut the sleeves off an old sweater to reveal a hip new sweater vest. Take the buttons of a “boring” blouse, and replace them with mismatched oversized buttons. Turn your raggedy “yard work” jeans into knee length shorts (who knew jean shorts would make such a comeback?). This effort, of creating a piece that illustrates your personality, will not only get your creative juices flowing but will help unearth a whole new form of self expression. Or, screw it… buy vintage.

By, Stephanie Grice

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