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die antwoord DIE ANTWOORD (The Answer)

If they’re ‘the answer’ what the fuck is the question?
What would an off broadway production of 8 mile look like in Capetown?
Do pixie sprites exist, and if so, can they rap?
Who will rap about ninjas since Wu Tang split up?
Either way, they should be the answer to what you’re looking up on youtube next.  This South African rap group will leave you slightly confused and then screaming for more.  The trio (lead singer Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ hi-Tek) represent a style as diverse as the list of official languages in their home country (11).  The group was just formed late last year, but have quickly become ‘interweb’ phenoms.  But they can introduce themselves: (see video below), where Ninja shares his response to, ‘the answer to what?’

Article By, Kyle Kralowetz

YouTube Preview Image
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