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David Janssen (Renaldo & the Loaf) 2 Free albums

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The Darkening Scale is one of the solo project of David Janssen, better known for his work with the experimental duo Renaldo and the Loaf . From 1970, until the group’s demise in 1986, David and  Brian Poole (aka Renaldo M) worked together and produced a number of albums for The Residents’ Ralph Records label.

David was musically inactive from 1986 unti 2006, when a reunion with Brian in 2006 spurred David back into music making. Encouraged by Brian, David began working on remixing some old Renaldo and the Loaf material It was a short step from these remixes to working with non-Renaldo and the Loaf samples and The Darkening Scale was born.

The following recordings are available for download:

Download The Entomology of Sound

EOS cover mysp

Download Sonic Archaeology

Sonic Archaeology mysp

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