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The native hipsters

xl1 300x300 The native hipsters

One of the more bizarre “groups” birthed by the late-’70s/early-’80s British post-punk scene, And the Native Hipsters achieved notoriety in 1980 with the oddball single “There Goes Concorde Again,” a living room2 bing The native hipsters recording that the group had pressed into 500 copies. Upon hand stamping each of the singles and assembling the sleeves from posters of soccer player Kevin Keegan, the group sent them to the infamous Rough Trade shop. DJ John Peel picked up the single and began playing it constantly on his influential BBC program, and the group had to press another 5,000 copies. Clocking in at just under seven minutes, the formless composition is more of a spoken word piece or whimsical experiment than a song, featuring Nanette “Blatt” Greenblatt’s perfectly-devoid-of-skill vocals, a wobbly funhouse synth, the occasional guitar pling, and not much bass.

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