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Interview: Dino Felipe

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Dino Felipe is a musical “Chameleon”.   I talk to him about his influences, life’s struggles, and Miami.  He recommends some cool music and talks about a few of his albums.  Also, check out the short documentary on Dino below the interview.


s.o.t.r-Your newest material sounds a lot more organic compared to
your previous releases, tell us a bit about  your new

Dino:(I’m quite sick,so please excuse my insect-like responses)….
Ummm,my first cassette releases (in the late 90′s) were quite
organic to the max…BUT:if you’re reffering to the musick i have
up now on myspace (whish will be released via Schematic,well,that
was recorded in the summer of 2006…so its an old sound
(the “organic sound”) and i just go through phases.
Totally Sterile,to the polar opposite..i have almost come to terms
with the fact that i am a a musical “Chameleon”,if you will..
hence the title of my release on Bedroom Research “Personality Crisis!”
named after the New York Dolls track.New York Dolls,right?

s.o.t.r-Can you tell us about your setup equiptment wise, and your recording process??

Dino: Basic Basic…..Mixer…Mic….Synth…G-tar..Bass.. Software,etc…Lately,for
my “Pop/Rock/Synth” shit, i just use that.
The only digital element are the drums i sequence for THOSE tracks..
Process:hmmm…well,i never know what kinda’ album i’m ‘goan make.
but as far as recording,i open soundforge,and open a 5 minute blank
(digitally silent) track,and see what happens…
if i wanna make a beat,i make one and go from there…like in a studio,
i’ll add a Bass guitar next.(i never consider my bedroom a studio,
i think that sounds crazy)…if i am doing the freeform shit thats up on
myspace now,i’ll just add layers into that 5 minute blank track,one by one,until
i think it’s right on…if it isnt i hit that button delete…

s.o.t.r-What is miami like? How is the music scene there??

Dino: Scene? What Scene?….well,i guess there IS one when i look
outside….It’s more of a catering to the General Public “Scene” as of late.
kinda’ retarded…BUT:theres a few “Saviours” here in miami making things
happen,as far as putting to together a decent show…
those are rare,and here & there…..
But the few Local Musickal Gems,my crew:HahaHelp!,Amanda Green,Curious
,the Jacuzzi Boys,Flux Forces,This Heart Electric,to name a few,
make up for the scene in my opinion…unfortunately we dont cater. :)

s.o.t.r-How are you surving as an artist? The last time I talked to you on the phone
you were telling me about how it was tough to afford a pack of ciggarretes?

Dino: i am surviving dollar by dollar…i am currently buying dollar
cigarettes…then i read the fine print and it states i wasnt supposed to
inhale these “cigarettes”…back to SURVIVAL:i dont…when i play a gig
i get a few bucks,enough to buy my vices,and some xtra money for when i run
out of my miami vice.I need a manager…i cant even book a tour,i am
geographicly retarded.or a P.A.? I dont even know what those dudes do.

s.o.t.r-Do you have any reccomondations musically?? What are you listening to as of

Dino: Reccomendations:Niobe,Lithops,Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock,Maryanne
,Oval,Hawkwind,Dorine Muraille’s ONLY album:”Mani” (!!!)
John Maus,Haunted House….thats all for now…
i been listening to: Jane’s Addiction,Nirvana,Sonic Youth,The Boredoms,
Duotron,Royal Trux,Jesus & Mary Chain,Late 90′s Hanson Records cassettes.
etc….all the shit i grew up on…i’m regressing….

Dino Felipe- Don’t hang around” (Allegro version)

[cincopa 10565740]

Dino Felipe myspace page

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