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Emily Wells

EMILY WELLS1 Emily Wells

There’s no way around it; Emily Wells is the coolest entity ever.  I dare anyone to make an argument to the contrary, it simply can’t be done.

She balks at contract offers and scoffs at record execs.  She circumvented the need for a label by learning how to record and produce her own material.
She somehow shares the credentials of a classically trained musician and streetwise rhyme-smith.
She has an angelically dulcet voice with a whiskey back; think a cross between Joanna Newsome and the girl from Beach House.  She simultaneously possesses the musical qualities of an ebullient kid in a candy store, as well as the cocksureness of a charging rhinoceros.

Live, she is a one woman production studio looping vocals, synth, strings, and whatever else you put in front of her to create rich textures, vocal harmonies and quixotic soundscapes.

I equal parts love her and loathe her.   She is perfect

Article by,  Kyle Kralowetz

Photo by Anne Carmack

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