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These Little Nothings: Interview

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s.o.t.r.- Tell us about your upcoming EP “LAND OF THE BEAST”, and when it will be released?

T.L.N.- The Land of the Beast EP is co-written by God.  We found a used copy of the Torah in a Utah motel room.  We recorded these pop songs in a windowless basement room, after our practice space burned to the ground.  The EP will be available to buy on our European tour and will be released digitally sometime in the summer.

s.o.t.r.- I see you have an extensive world tour ahead of you, what do you do to prepare for it, have you played abroad before?

T.L.N.- We’ve played many broads before.  And in Europe, we did play there in the spring of 2008, and summer of 2009. Our drummer became terminally ill in Spain, for which we are still in debt for the health care and later the burial of our dear friend, Trevor.  We prepare by selling our instruments to get the money to buy other instruments.  We have a strict regimen of choreographed swimming and high noon colonics.

s.o.t.r.-Who are some of your influences musically?

T.L.N.-Charlie Patton, Woody Guthrie, Arthur Alexander, Stu Sutcliffe, Velvet Underground, Beach Boys, the sound of a death rattle, and the hum of the highway. We both learned to play music in West Virginia through the critical touch of one Clarence Merriweather (1892-1990).

s.o.t.r.-Any pre-show rituals?

T.L.N.-Copious drinking, knee tremblers behind the bar from a tenacious woman, BBGs, and the occasional meal.

s.o.t.r-What bands do you like from your hometown of Minneapolis?

T.L.N.- Minneapolis has done nothing for us.  With the exception of legendary promoter Steve Mclellan, we don’t have much good to say about the Minneapolis scene.  What we tend to see here is a bunch of novelty hobby bands that get “big” in the twin cities for a couple months, the fade off to do their IT jobs in the suburbs.  We are from everywhere, we live in the streets; our favorite local bands are the Strange Boys from Austin, The Beets from NYC, and Titus Andronicus from NJ.


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