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Illegal Boots!

By, Hannah Kay

There have been many boot styles manufactured against the regulations instated by the fashion police. I will identify the two most criminal of these fashion faux-pas to ensure your confidence of looking good:
#1. Boot lengths residing in limbo between calf and ankle shall never be exposed.
Unless you are trying to look like you have kankles, ditch these boot-booty wannabes for a pair of either real boots or booties. I f perhaps you cannot afford the whole boot, please keep the length of these dwarfed boots concealed under your pants.

BOOTS SOTR1 Illegal Boots!

On the streets, and as in the photo, you can spot girlies who have confidence in their fashion, and at times you want to agree with them…but as you run your eyes from head to calf, your concurrence dissipates with an interruption in flow: the bottom  1/4th of the individual looks like an odd duck!  Instantly, and without question, you have determined that this self-proclaimed “fashionista” has a thing or two to learn.
#2. Fat Chunky heels have gotta go!
Unless you are legitimately trying to look like a monster and not a lady, ditch these puppies. I am guessing the only reason this type of heel is worn is for comfort, since It is seriously doubtful the word “beautiful!” has ever been exclaimed in reference to them.  If comfort is the case, it is in your best interest to opt for a wedge, flat, or kitten heel. You do not have to sacrifice your looks for comfort.

BOOTS SOTR1 Illegal Boots!

The shoes pictured above are the ultimate no-nos. A citation is evident upon sight of the heel, but if the height of these boots is not concealed, you are looking at a life sentence.
Stick to these two rules when buying boots and we shall all be better apt to keep the peace.

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