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MUSIC: Broken Bells MP3′S download Self Titled LP out March 9th

bells MUSIC: Broken Bells MP3S download Self Titled LP out March 9th
By:  Jamihla Fergus
A Danger Mouse and James Mercer collaboration is coming to fruition? Could this be an orgasm for indie-sensitive ears? Danger Mouse’s real name is Brian Burton? Yes, to all of the above. This new indie-rock group marries indie royalty, lead singer of The Shins, James Mercer and eclectic musical genius, Brian Burton.  Mercer and Burton announced this collaboration last September, releasing their single “The High Road” in December. Though this news is certainly not new, Broken Bells has been kept on the QT. With their self-titled album Broken Bells set to release in a week, anticipation has become exorbitantly high. Their next shows in New York City and Los Angeles have been sold out.  All ten tracks have a whimsical lightness to them yet feel like they take themselves too seriously. They are elegantly arranged scenes with intricate plot-lines you might miss if you blink.  Click HERE for a free preview of Broken Bells!
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