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Universe: Free album “Desert Gold & The Indian Submarine”

Cover Universe: Free album Desert Gold & The Indian Submarine

“Desert Gold & The Indian Submarine” is a collection of lofi demos and sketches for a Universe album that was supposed to come out in 2008. This album has a nice lo-fi sound, recorded all on tape machines and a 4track.  The tape recording and analog synths give this album a nice nostalgic sound with a  rich warm tone.  The song “Indian Submarine” opens with a splash and weird underwater sounds accompanied by a warm  sequence of  analog synth notes followed by deep haunting vocals. “Cardboard eyes, silkscreen skies” has an ambient Brian Eno feel mixed with medival sounding synth arrangements. “Rain” blends perplexing arpeggios of notes layer upon layer in polyphonic bliss. “Shadows” sounds like a mellowed out ice cream truck driving by your house on a cool summer day.  The album closes with a monk-like chant saturated with church hall reverbs.

[cincopa 10563199]

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