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Dash Snow: Polaroids

R.I.P. Dash Snow. He was an American artist based in New York. Best know for his photography, collages, and sculptures. He led a wild life style, rejecting his wealthy background, Dash preferred to live on the streets and shoot heroin. He started taking photos to remember ‘where he had been the day before’. Snow was know for thrashing hotel rooms and turning them into what he called ” rat’s nest’s” . Snow and his friends would shred phone books and any type of paper and cover the floor completely, giving it a hampster or rat cage effect. Snow took this Idea and turned a gallery space into a “rats nest” before he passed in 2009.

dash 91 Dash Snow: Polaroids

DASH 641 Dash Snow: Polaroids

dash 812 Dash Snow: Polaroids

DASH SNOW POLAROID 1011 Dash Snow: Polaroids

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