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Bruce Haack: techno father-Electric Lucifer

Bruce Haacks music is a ticket to a dimension that know one has ever been to, well at least in his time in the 60′s and 70′s. Haack was experimenting with weird electronic sounds in 1968 on mister rodgers, see video below. He created the PEOPLEOPIAN an instrument which was programmed based on the principle of human skin contact where samples were played of the arm of a real human being. Haccks music has a lot of contrast based on the fact that his musical grassroots were folk and country which were competing with his more experimental cutting edge side.  His process of experimenting with electronics to make music has had a profound impact on the whole experimental electronic scene today.  Haack was definitely edgy, and did more than just kids shows,  his song from 1978 titled “Blow Job” can help you understand what he really wanted out of life.  I think of artists taking their toy keyboards apart to circuit bend them and I think that Hacck would have enjoyed to see how far experimental electronic music has come now in the year 2010. Check out these videos.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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