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MUSIC: Boy Fruit- Interview (MP3)

l 44ad1b6e17bb46e898f547eaee1c5c17 MUSIC: Boy Fruit  Interview (MP3)“Boy fruit” is from a small town in Ohio, he is a diamond in the rough  amongst a sea of classic rock cover bands and emo bands that try too hard. He was nice enough to take the time to answer a few questions:

1. Describe your typical process for making your songs, what tools/instruments do you use?

B.f.-Well, first off, there’s many different processes I can go through.  Sometimes I’ll whip out a minidisc recorder and go record some weird ass sounds, whether it’s TV advertisements, or some of my friends talking and making noises.  From there I’ll take samples out of that and throw them into Ableton Live, manipulating them as I go along.  I have an MPC40, which I use to trigger the samples and shit, which is a really good tool for me.  I’ll also take samples from the internet, and will sometimes throw some MIDI in there for the hell of it.  Most of my lyrics are really obscured and really don’t mean that much, and are rarely ever at a normal pitch.

2. Where are you from, and how is the music/art scene there?

B.f.-A small ass town named Maumee, in Ohio.  As far as the music scene goes here, it’s terrible.  There are about 3 venues within 20 miles of here, if that, and that’s not including the bars that some of the classic rock or country cover bands play at.  I’ve had one show in the past year, that went pretty awful.  All the kids around here are into that horrible poppy music with singers that sound like they are 12 years old.  The art scene is a little better, there are some really sweet artists around here.  I’ve had some of my work showcased at a museum along with a few other art shows, which is a really cool experience.

3. Who are some of your biggest influences musically?

B.f.-I’m going to have to go with Black Dice, mainly.  Especially Eric Copeland, a core member of the band.  I just love everything he does, his music really speaks to me in a way that other music doesn’t.  A lot of people have told me that my music really reminds them of Eric, I’m not going to disagree because he is a really big influence on my music, but I’m in no way trying to copy him or anything, that would be lame.  I’ve been influenced by Animal Collective for a long time, they were the first band that got me into making music really.

4. Any music recommendations for the music listeners out there??

B.f.-Eric Copeland’s Alien In A Garbage Dump is a fucking excellent album, definitely worth a listen.  Black Dice’s Repo is also amazing, obviously, along with every other album they’ve made.  That newer Animal Collective EP, Fall Be Kind is also OFF THE CHAIN, listen to that if you haven’t yet, folks.  Oh yeah, and First Dog’s new album, Colossus Archosaur, is really top notch, I recommend it to anyone who owns a set of ears.

5. Do you do any live performances?

B.f.-Like I said a couple questions ago, I’ve had one show at some shitty underground venue, which went kind of bad.  It seemed like a couple people were digging it, and I did get a round of applause, but I wasn’t really feeling it all too much.  I didn’t have a lot of material ready for it, and I had a few sound problems, but it was a good start.  I’m looking to start playing a bunch of shows soon, hopefully.

6. How long have you know f.d.t.v.t.c.o.t.e.?

B.f.-Dang…I’d say almost over a year now.  He’s a really cool dude, I met him on a forum a while ago.  He is a big influence for me as well, I talk to him every day over instant message, we always have lots o’ laughs.  I wish we could hang out and jam in real life, that would be awesome.  Maybe someday!

7. How many artists have you collaborated with via the web?

B.f.-I’ve made countless of remixes and whatnot for friends I’ve met online.  I’ve done quite a number of collaborations with other bands as well.  I started a band with God Stuff that we called Big Slip.  That didn’t really get far, we both started getting busy, I’d like to start it back up again someday soon though, I love him.  Me and Jack (First Dog) have also been doing that Toastittot thing, which I believe he gave you the link for.  That project is really a lot of fun, I enjoy that album we made so much and hope to continue making music with him.

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