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ART: Matt Furie

Matt Furie is a San Fransisco artist who draws familiar characters like Ronald Mc’donald, and big bird, uncovering what they might be up to after hours in grown up life, out of the spotlight.  You know those dreaded professional family photo shoots  that your mom or wife drags you to, well even Freddy Kruger gets stuck posing for one in a particular drawling of Furies.  Furie says “I can compare a drawing I did in ’95 to one I did now, and it is still a monster with goofy eyeballs wearing sneakers.” Furie uses references from 80′s childhood pop icons to seduce his audience, “Using some cheap reference point from pop culture and making it your own gets people interested. People will recognize Ronald Mc’donald or Freddy Kruger, and then I just take it from there.” Furie trys to show drawlings that he likes himself, but he has a lot of work he has looked back on and wondered what the fuck he was thinking “yeah sometime I’ll draw weird animal boners, and think, why did I even draw that?”

1221 ART: Matt Furie

33 ART: Matt Furie

matt furie1 ART: Matt Furie

matt furie2 ART: Matt Furie

Matt Furie ART: Matt Furie

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